Proken Hearts

Faamalie aku a, laga e Malosi lava le pese ae Vaivai a'u

E pakele... ke ai'u a pe la sou kigo....

Vao...Ga'e alu i se keige..."Pao....lau mege i le *&%$ ga'u alu ia Kelisa!"

Proken Hearts: This short clip should get you warmed up for the actual one coming out by the same good people that brought you the Tautoga Gausia 1 and 2. Have a good laugh and tell your friends that the tulafale and a'oa'o got mad skills (Send us your review of the movie to this address

It is not this sites intention to gain anything from these short clips but to promote local Samoan talent to you our valued visitors. I will update shortly where you can legally purchase a copy of this DVD. Email us if you want us to promote your Samoan projects.

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