Samoan t-shirts

T-Shirts are more popular in today’s youth than at any other time in history and has created a huge demand for designer clothing all over the world. Many are going for a casual wear than what it used to be 20 years ago.

A simple T-shirt and low waist jeans are the comfort wear for both genders. It's the common look we see in colleges, blue collar jobs, bands regardless of genre’s and literally everywhere else except for those with dress code oriented careers.

This is good news to the t shirt industry as it faces a steep growth of demand in both quantity and quality.

Worldwide, the quality of t shirts designs has made vast improvements that it almost seems like the industry has evolved overnight.

The leading t shirt manufacturers/printers in the market have reached new heights in production and this is visible on the streets today.

But big players can’t satisfy the entire market, which paves the way for small time designers/printers like Andre Milford, designer for Although their quality designs could very well be mistaken as those by some of the well known brands such as South Pole, Affliction or Diesel,lotonuu’s designs are more targeted to its selective market.

According to its designer, this is due to a fierce competition globally. “As tempting as it is to follow what every other designer is doing, there is an existing market locally that’s totally untapped” Andre says referring to the market in Samoa and the Pacific Islands.

Lotonuu’s designs are as good as it gets, and one can only wonder what this designer has done differently that got him greater results as screen printing is he’s primary method.

When asked; Andre entertained us with a story of one of his business dealings. “I was flattered in a small way when I approached one of our local stores to negotiate terms if they were to carry my line and the representative first remarks while viewing my samples was; “I already have a commitment to Diesel and Affliction and this stuff is no different.” he says probably thinking I was trying to promote an off island brand. We had a good laugh after I told him this stuff is done right here on island.”

That’s the general reaction from the locals here in American Samoa. “There’s more exciting designs we can do with screen printing than everyone else thought was possible” says Andre

“Our designs were always limited by our inability to prepare the screen to match what we have in sketch. But that’s not a problem anymore. One of the hottest thing in the market today which is very printer friendly is the vintage style. This only requires a single color which means one screen and the customer focus has fallen heavily on the design. The ever evolving customer has lost interest in colorful designs and have become a bit focused on details.” According to Andre

We will see what he means when his next line rolls out scheduled to be out by early July 2010.

You can view his work at

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